Wednesday, February 6, 2013

yesterdays post

yesterdays post didn't post. for whatever reason it showed up when i viewed my blog but not on the reading list for anyone else to read. and it was a good one! well at least i thought so :)

having a heavy heart or a heart filled with negativity shows through into our conversations and actions. a friend told me she felt like her heart was filled with negativity and that was why she has been speaking negatively lately. this really caught my attention so i went back through my posts. and i found exactly that.

i blog when i am sad. i blog when i am happy. i blog when i need support. support from people i don't even know is sometimes more powerful. it is a different choice of words. it's a new way to look at the situation that i hadn't thought of before and if i could give a virtual hug, or real hug, to those supporters i would.

sharing feelings and finding support from opening up is different to me and i hope that on the days of a heavy heart i don't show my negativity in my words or actions.

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