Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh baby girl, how we love you! The clock is ticking ticking ticking away! Only 6 short weeks (4 1/2 even shorter ones if you don't flip) until we meet your sweet face!!! We are so ready! A secret little part of me hopes that you stay breech....if you do, you will get such a special birthday. December 14th is the day your great-great grandmother passed away at the age of 100. We know she is watching down on us and although she can't 'meet' you, we know she will sense your presence and arrival. She was an amazing woman. You would be her 'little Bootsie' just like mommy was.... I feel it is a sign that you happen to be hanging out head-up :) Your great-great grandfather passed away just a few weeks before your Uncle Josh was born and grandma said 'God giveth and God taketh away'. She was taken from us on that day and you will be given.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Not a word you'd like to hear when you visit the Dr. When he said "Oh, her head is up here." I looked at the medical student like 'what the hell?!' If you know me, you know my mind is going 100 mph. Even though 'we don't need to worry for 5 more weeks' he says. And he also says she is 'big'. And the bigger the harder it will be for her to turn. So here I am, on my first day in the second quarter of my century of life, with a racing mind. Is this bad? A c-section? Turning her? Keloid scars? Recovery? Not getting to nurse right away? But at the same time: I am quite the planner. Picking her birthday. Knowing when she will arrive. Being as prepared as I can be....hmmmm this could not be so bad.

Do I want to try and mover her? Lie on my head? Tilt my pelvis? I think not. I think she is this way because in that heck of a tight space she is occupying, this is what is comfortable for her. There is a reason she has stayed head up. And I am not going to fret.

Can't wait to meet you little girl. We love you.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 months. 12 weeks. 90 days.

Until we meet our sweet creation :) 
We are so thrilled to be the soon-to-be parents of this precious little girl. 
I cannot wait for that overwhelming feeling of elation and love.

Friday, August 5, 2011

9 months of....

emotions. huge boobs. growing belly. charlie horses. glowing. constipation. morning noon night sickness. little kicks and squirms. exhaustedness. waddling. hormones. dr appointments. anticipation. questions. random people belly touching. stretch marks(thank god i don't have any....yet). quick growing hair and nails. nausea. constipation. WAITING.

Pregnancy is all the above plus more. I have never felt so many different emotions and feelings at one time before. I have never been so up and down. People say pregnant is the best they have ever felt. I beg to differ....and part of me feels horrible for saying so. I have never barfed as much or been so constipated before in my life! Of course now that is all better...well the barfing part at least...and I have almost forgotten about it. And I know as soon as little Mila Jay arrives all of the listed above will fly out the window. Maybe all but the emotions. Exhaustedness. Questions.

I can't wait for Fall. It is my favorite time of year. Pumpkins. Leaves. And Halloween candy. And we will be that much closer to December 22nd. We are half way there and I am just so full of anticipation. We cannot wait to meet our sweet baby girl.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Having just arrived home from our sixteenth summer vacation in Tahoe, I am feeling relaxed and happy as a clam! This was an especially wonderful week being that my brother asked his amazing girlfriend, Rachel, to marry him!!!!!!! I am finally getting a sister and I could not be happier! The entire family loves her and was thrilled to hear the news. This was also a bit of a bittersweet week knowing it will be Trevor and I's last vacation sans baby. We received the (good) news that I am a week farther along than expected so new due date it December 22nd. Please come on any day other than the 25th baby!!!!! Our first summer vacation in Tahoe, my cousin Sam was 8 months old and when we go next year, our little bundle of joy will be 6 months....Crazy! Anyways, we had a great time hiking, biking, boating and just plain relaxing.
 A freezing start to the trip!

 I could not believe the amount of snow still on the mountains! Emerald Bay.

 Eagle Falls hike
 Cousins! My baby bump just didn't want to hide :)
 Our new family of 7!
Amazing hubby :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And there goes 50!

This was her choice of celebratory things to do on the day she turned the big 5-0 (see above). Our view was gorgeous and the weather couldn't have been better. Well, at least Friday and Sunday were spectacular. Saturday was a rainy day and the day of the party but we had plenty of friends, family and bloody mary's to make us forget all about the storm! Friday night we had a fabulous dinner at Hoppe's with lots of laughs and reminiscing of my parents first date...on their shared birthday of 18 and 20 at the Harbor Hut in Morro Bay. She has been my mother for half of her life now and I couldn't imagine a better mom!! Now if only I could find more reasons...and rent that amazing house in Cayusos!! Being a beach bum could be my calling...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Into the New Year full speed ahead!

We are thrilled that the new year is driving ahead! 2010 was an amazing year full of life changes; some awesome and some a bit scary. We celebrated Thanksgiving by cooking our first turkey's for 18 of our friends! It was so much fun having everyone together. Holidays quickly came next and we spent them surrounded by family and had a birthday dinner with all friends near and dear. New years was celebrated with the Pera's and baby E. It was a blast-and we were tucked in tight by 9:30! Oh how things change :) Roo is going to be 1 and I can't believe we've had her for a year already. Trevor is loving every minute of his job and I am still doing some searching on that path. We have snow trips planned for the next few months and come Spring it will be weddings galore!

Thanksgiving Table

Christmas Eve.
Missing the husband at work :(

Christmas at the In-laws