Friday, August 5, 2011

9 months of....

emotions. huge boobs. growing belly. charlie horses. glowing. constipation. morning noon night sickness. little kicks and squirms. exhaustedness. waddling. hormones. dr appointments. anticipation. questions. random people belly touching. stretch marks(thank god i don't have any....yet). quick growing hair and nails. nausea. constipation. WAITING.

Pregnancy is all the above plus more. I have never felt so many different emotions and feelings at one time before. I have never been so up and down. People say pregnant is the best they have ever felt. I beg to differ....and part of me feels horrible for saying so. I have never barfed as much or been so constipated before in my life! Of course now that is all better...well the barfing part at least...and I have almost forgotten about it. And I know as soon as little Mila Jay arrives all of the listed above will fly out the window. Maybe all but the emotions. Exhaustedness. Questions.

I can't wait for Fall. It is my favorite time of year. Pumpkins. Leaves. And Halloween candy. And we will be that much closer to December 22nd. We are half way there and I am just so full of anticipation. We cannot wait to meet our sweet baby girl.

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