Sunday, November 30, 2014

off the radar

we moved!!! yessssss. we moved into our stunningly beautiful new home a week ago and it has been heaven. well, kind of. it's been great. it's been busy. it's been sleepless. it's been happy. the kids have transitioned great. we've gotten a lot done in the short 7 days we've been here and i am feeling a little bit better about it all the time.

i skipped any fall decor and went straight for the christmas decor. we got our little happy tree the day after thanksgiving. it's small and beautiful. m helped decorate it and her eyes were filled with glee as she placed each ornament and then stood back to admire what she had done. every morning she is just as surprised as she was before that it's still there! elvira the elf has arrived but i don't do all the crazy. she finds her spot and rests there until christmas eve.

this little fancy nancy is going to be 3 years old in 2 weeks! i have no idea how that happened but, she is amazing. so funny. so sweet. we are going to Disneyland in 3 days to celebrate. just her, mama and daddy. SO looking forward to showering her with love and attention. she is going to have a blast. her gig and pop took her to the Frozen sing-a-long at the Performing Arts Center tonight. i can't wait for her to be home so i can hear all about it! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

11 days!

11 days until we close escrow on the new pad! this has been a long time coming. i mean really, a really long time. 7 months to be exact. we've been so lucky to have a cozy place to stay for the last 4 months-we forever are in debt to my parents. i am sure my dad cannot wait to lay on the couch and watch jeopardy uninterrupted but i am also sure he will miss sharing the breakfast bar with mila every single morning. i bet my mom is looking forward to no longer having toys strewn everywhere, in every room but i am also pretty certain she will miss dukes snuggles and milas hugs. as much as i didn't think it true, i will miss being here too.

duke is 9 months old. what?! i say this in every monthly update but how is this possible? he is walking behind his little walker toys, has 3 teeth- 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top, he loves to eat and wants what everyone else is having-not baby food, he is such a snuggle bug and i loooove it!

mila is almost 3 and the biggest joy to our hearts. we are taking her to disneyland in 3 weeks. it's going to be a blast! duke will be staying home with my parents so we can fully enjoy every joyful second with her. she can count to 13, recite her abc's, knows all her colors and many shapes, loves to do flashcards, color and paint, requests to watch Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First A LOT and has a mile long list for Santa. but don't tell her she has to sit on his lap because that is not going to happen. she is requesting daddy's lap and handing him the list instead of telling the big guy what she'd like.

i had someone tell me the other day that she read my blog, like months and months back (scary), and loved how real i was. how honest my words were. that was a compliment to me and made my heart happy. i try to be as real as possible. in my words here, my photos on instagram and the links i share on my fb feed. which is all i do on fb. life is messy. life is happy. life is so many things but one thing it is definitely not? perfect. i browse instagram a lot and i come across all kinds of lives. i don't think of them as a 'feed'. to many people, they are lives. pictures of the daily. in and out. up and down. some are the most artistic photos. some are the nitty gritty-tears, poop, hardship, laughs. mine is all of those. i don't ever want to portray that the daily is perfect-without flaw, without tears and poop and laughter and love. my daily is a mix of it all and i hope that if you take away anything from my words here or photos there, it's that this life i have is real.