Wednesday, September 2, 2015

mom bashing

we all know mom bashing is not a new topic and its one that has been discussed until we are blue in the face. moms that judge can just shove it. it's so rude. it's so unnecessary. and it's really just mean. i am a firm believer in that we are all doing the best we can. we are all making ends meet in one way or another. whether your ends meet with a surplus of money or they barely meet with pennies left to spare, you're doing the very best you can.

yesterday i posted on a moms page on Facebook. have i mentioned how much i hate Facebook? i never, i repeat never, post on those pages. as much as the admin try to keep it a happy, sweet, nonjudgemental place, that rarely happens. and it's exactly what happened the one time i wrote something to inform other moms. we spent two hours at a local water park about a week and a half ago. kids had fun blah blah blah. fast forward 3-4 days and our son begins have major symptoms that point to a possible e. coli infection. we spend a few hours at the ER, blood tests and poop cultures are done and fast forward a few more days and he's FINALLY feeling better. he was pooping 20+ times a day and he didn't eat for at least 5 days. it was hell. at the end of it all we figured out that he did in fact have some type of e. coli. the dr had been seeing this from local water parks and also salmonella from local watermelon. ew. and let's not forgot to mention the water park was disgusting. the water was cloudy and murky looking, there were too many kids to count without swim diapers, moms changing dirty diapers right on the pool deck….i could go on. so i decided i'd post our experience (only mentioning the dirty water) and share about the e. coli/salmonella cases locally. cue bashing bitchy moms. at least three moms felt it was necessary to remind me that e. coli lives basically anywhere. i'm not an idiot. that it was so rude of me to bash this wonderful family that owns the water park. that the family tried so hard to clean it up and make it a wonderful family place. wait. did i say the owners were responsible? wait. i did not. i'm pretty sure they're awesome. i bet they have, and continue to, made the park better than it was and a great place for family's. in fact, i looked them up on Facebook because these moms made me feel like total shit. and guess what?! they look great! they look kind and nice and like they probably run a great establishment. and you know, i spent many summers there growing up. i went on a lot of field trips there and i have great memories. but it just so happens that the one time we took our kids, it was disgusting. the people working paid zero attention to anyone going down the slides. wanna ride doubles? sure! wanna ride the mat like a damn skate board on your knees? yep! wanna let your kids wear regular exploding diapers? why not!

let me tell you, 3 other moms who decided to make me feel like shit, you had a positive experience there. that's so awesome. we did not. and that's ok. and you need to leave me alone about it. i did nothing but inform other moms so they could be aware. oh, but thank you for adding in at the very end that you know it's so hard for a mother to deal with her kids being sick, and hoping my son feels better soon. that made your bitchy mile long rip on me so much more acceptable. why can't you just say you hope my sons feels better? or better yet, don't say anything at all.

and that my friends, is why i hate social media and in particular, mom groups of Facebook. i think it's pretty obvious that i left the group immediately after.

on another note, i'm working on changing my blog over to Wordpress! yeah! thinking of changing the name to my business, The Modern Market…