Monday, July 29, 2013

cheers to three years! 7-24-13

i was supposed to post this last week :( so sad i forgot!!!

six years ago it was love at first sight.

four years ago i said yes.

three years ago we said i do.

18 months ago we met our sweet daughter.....

three years ago, i married boss man. and it was the best decision we've made together. well, i guess he made the decision to propose and i made the decision to say yes :)

we've been through it all. college, job loss, job changes, buying our nest, a dog, the birth of our daughter, infertility and IVF treatments, we've weathered the storms of questioning us and our reasons, is it worth it, can we make it...and we have always come out the other side stronger and more aware of each other than we have ever been.

i wouldn't be me without him. i wouldn't know myself as well as i do. i wouldn't be held accountable for my bs without him. and him without me. we are complete together and as a family. we are a team in all ways. and we still have struggles. but we work through them together. sometimes it isn't pretty. sometimes it's beautiful.

its our life and i wouldn't trade it for anything.

so hunny, here's to 3 years of being your wife. i've loved it all. i can't wait for our little bundle of joy to be here next year, to watch our family grow and witness you with another child of ours.

i love you.

playing catch-up

lately i have been so disconnected from life! morning sickness is seriously debilitating...even just a slight nausea is horrible. thank the heavens i don't have it nearly as bad this time around. maybe a boy?! i have been so so so so tired that hitting the keys the post has seemed like too much work.

everything is too much work.

my house is a mess.

my laundry is piled in the floor next to the hamper. because it's too full.

my bed is unmade every day. which boss man doesn't like.

my dishes are piled in the sink.

you get my drift. everything is getting done at snail speed or just simply not done at all. oh well. once this baby arrives my nap will be nonexistent so i am taking advantage. a few months of naps can't hurt that bad.

m has started the montessori summer program and she loves it. her teachers are fabulous and we couldn't be happier. the summer is a lot of days so we don't really love that part but once she starts in the Fall it will only be two mornings a week for 3 hours. perfect! mama can get errands done, the nursery going and her big girl room. im looking forward to the couple hours of time alone. it will allow for more play time with her :)

boss man and i celebrated our 3 year anniversary last week. we went to an awesome dinner at my most favorite place and of course, i was sick in the bathroom and couldn't hardly eat my dinner. i was devstated. i told boss that once i feel better we have to go back so i can eat all my food!!! after dinner we went to Tim McGraw at the biggest little fair, California Mid-State Fair. we really are lucky that it's only a few minutes from us. great artists come every year and having a corn dog....or two...ok maybe 4, is the best part. and a cinnamon roll. mmmmmmmm. i also went for a girls night to John Mayer and then we did family night for Van Halen. let's just say Tim was the best. and he is really easy to look at. like rrreeeeaaaallllyyyyy.

we've spent a few days at the water park. which we are also so lucky to have near by!! m has a blast every time. she is so brave going down the slides!!!

m's great grandpa had a birthday too. we went down for pizza and cake to celebrate. we don't see them often enough so it was a great visit.

Friday, July 5, 2013


for the last 18 summers, my family has spent the 4th of july week in Lake Tahoe. we rent this amazing condo right on the water and are nothing but lazy. it's amazing. as soon as new years is over, i immediately begin the countdown to Tahoe. hiking, biking, 4th parade, boating, napping, drinking, eating and lots more eating.

m spent her first summer vacation in Tahoe at 6 months old so she didn't really have too much fun. this year she was in heaven. she would dig in the sand for hours. play in the lake. swim in the pool. she took fabulous naps and slept great at night. she truly is such a happy little tyke.

we went a few days earlier and came home a few days earlier because boss had to work. it was still a week long vaca and that is enough for this mama. the first two days we stayed at a new place in Kings Beach. it was awesome. the water was shallow and warm, there was paddle boats, paddle boards, sand toys, fire pits and a lake trampoline all for us to use for free. and the beach was private which meant no crowds.

and surprise!! m is going to be a big sister!!!