Thursday, May 30, 2013

tomorrow's the day

i think it's a good idea to apologize ahead of time for my almost always tmi. too much info. it's who i am. in every story. i am not shy. so, i'm sorry in advance.

we went to the dr yesterday for an ultrasound to measure my eggs. and once again i was very tempted to do the happy dance half naked. and i once again waited until the doc left the room...but it was even harder this time! my eggs were perfect size. all TEN of them. yes, 10. (insert crazy happy dance here) i couldn't have been happier. so, tomorrow we are off to Redondo beach for the day to have my eggs harvested. after that, they will immediately be fertilized, embryo's will grow and next Wednesday we will be off to Redondo again for the embryo transfer.

and a side note: today was a needle free day. yesssssssss. the first in over 30.

 we had lunch with Nonie and Aunt Christine last week. it was great to see doesn't happen enough! m did great at lunch but i am realizing that the more people around, the less she wants to be in her highchair. she wants to be out and about waving hello.
 saturday we went the Festival of the Arts with Melanie and Elsie. it was so much fun! the weather was perfect, there were tons of activities for the kids and Elsie and M pretty much have a blast anywhere together.

last night we celebrated my great grandpa's 97th birthday. seeing that side of the family is always special because it doesn't happen very often. and did you catch that....M has a great great grandpa. 5 generations. that is truly a miracle.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

green light for egg making

we went to the dr this morning for an ultrasound of my ovaries and so boss could learn how to give me my next series of injections. i was nervous. the kind of nervous where you have stomach cramps and feel like you may very well poop your pants. tmi. sorry.

the doc checked my ovaries and said what i was praying for, "your ovaries look perfect, ready for the next step." YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. was all i could think. i wanted to jump off the table half naked and do that happy dance. but i didn't. thought i'd save the doc that show...and did it as soon as he left :) i was so thrilled. my next thought, but mean now boss gets to stab me in the ass with a needle....oh man. i wasn't ready. doc gave us the run down, used my behind like map, showed boss all the correct places and not correct places. then it was time. i leaned on the table with my pants pulled down, baring my booty for the hub and doc. count of three....and stab. and to my amazement, it didn't hurt. at. all. way to go husband! you are a professional shot giver! i was so so so relieved. 

so now we do the repronex for a week to cause egg growth, have another ultrasound to measure my eggs. if they measure well, we will be off to redondo beach to have them harvested and make embryos!

i can't believe i may be preggers in just short of two weeks. woop!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

our first family camp trip

we just got home from our first family camping trip and it was so much fun! we were able to take my in-laws motor home (this being THE ONLY perk to it sitting my backyard for 9 months....) which was not a really good idea because now i am thinking "tent camping? what's that?" oh well. maybe one more motor home trip and then back to the cots and camp stoves for us. but i still love that camping too :)

we went to Morro Bay State Park for more of a stay-cation. we have camped at the lake so many times and it was going to be hot hot hot so we opted for the chilly weather of morro bay. and boy was it chilly. yesterday the high was maybe 58 and we were freezing! our fire kept us warm but have you ever camped with a toddler? there is no sitting by the fire. or relaxing. we were chasing and running and playing and catching our crazy girl.

we went for an early coffee, on a walk, to the park, to dinner, out for a cinnamon roll, took a long nap, hit some golf balls, made smores, played on the golf course and just had the best time.

i love my family

 you know, just relaxing on the table

 her first smore

 watching and learning to roll like Roo :)
 so happy!

i'm pretty sure we are the cutest. family. ever. 
ps-setting your camera for 50 photographs on continuous timer could be the best way to get at least one good picture. i propped my lens on my cell phone and we tickled and laughed and got this amazing shot. christmas card worthy i'd say!

Friday, May 3, 2013

meal planning

i've decided that meal planning is an option i need to try. have to try. when you have a husband who works anywhere from 40-60 hours a week (more often than not it's 60) you have to be ready with food at all hours. boss man arrives home with a hungry belly at 8 pm. hours after M and i have eaten, showered and put our jammies on. not going to lie, we are both usually in bed: her asleep and me with my kindle or computer. or catching up on RHWOC. ew. but so good.

anyways, back to meal planning. if you are like me, a busy crazy mom, then planning a grocery list with meals already written down is very helpful. and if you're like me, you pin all these amazing meals, crafts, ideas, outfits...and never do anything with them. i have so many things pinned on pinterest that i need to try.

so during todays nap, when i wish i was napping too, i got on my yumminess board and started planning. i made my list of groceries, wrote down three new meals to try and added one meal i know is a pleaser. so i am ready to hit the store. on sunday. ha. i have a few things for tonights and tomorrows dinners. now, how to display this lovely meal planning? write it on the calendar that hangs on the fridge? which already has a million other things on it... or use my vintage chalk board and find a cute place to hang it? i love this idea. now where to put it....

in other news, we enrolled M in preschool for the fall and are so excited. you might be thinking "wth? she is only 17 months old!" we know, we know. and believe us, we've heard every opinion of every person who thinks they know better. and hey, you may know better. but we don't care :) we know our family and we know what's best for us. so, that being said, M will be spending two mornings a week at the Montessori school. she is so active and smart, i know with the utmost confidence that she will soar!!  and this mama will get a few hours of undistracted errand running and cleaning. yippee!

we took M to the beach for the first time (she thought the ocean was the most amazing thing ever!!), we went to visit our cousins in the bay area last weekend, had a few playdates this week, went swimming at grandmas and another crazy week coming up! mommy and me, gymnastics, dr's appointments and i start my ivf injections. that's all i have to say about that. yikes.