Wednesday, May 15, 2013

our first family camp trip

we just got home from our first family camping trip and it was so much fun! we were able to take my in-laws motor home (this being THE ONLY perk to it sitting my backyard for 9 months....) which was not a really good idea because now i am thinking "tent camping? what's that?" oh well. maybe one more motor home trip and then back to the cots and camp stoves for us. but i still love that camping too :)

we went to Morro Bay State Park for more of a stay-cation. we have camped at the lake so many times and it was going to be hot hot hot so we opted for the chilly weather of morro bay. and boy was it chilly. yesterday the high was maybe 58 and we were freezing! our fire kept us warm but have you ever camped with a toddler? there is no sitting by the fire. or relaxing. we were chasing and running and playing and catching our crazy girl.

we went for an early coffee, on a walk, to the park, to dinner, out for a cinnamon roll, took a long nap, hit some golf balls, made smores, played on the golf course and just had the best time.

i love my family

 you know, just relaxing on the table

 her first smore

 watching and learning to roll like Roo :)
 so happy!

i'm pretty sure we are the cutest. family. ever. 
ps-setting your camera for 50 photographs on continuous timer could be the best way to get at least one good picture. i propped my lens on my cell phone and we tickled and laughed and got this amazing shot. christmas card worthy i'd say!

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