Wednesday, May 22, 2013

green light for egg making

we went to the dr this morning for an ultrasound of my ovaries and so boss could learn how to give me my next series of injections. i was nervous. the kind of nervous where you have stomach cramps and feel like you may very well poop your pants. tmi. sorry.

the doc checked my ovaries and said what i was praying for, "your ovaries look perfect, ready for the next step." YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. was all i could think. i wanted to jump off the table half naked and do that happy dance. but i didn't. thought i'd save the doc that show...and did it as soon as he left :) i was so thrilled. my next thought, but mean now boss gets to stab me in the ass with a needle....oh man. i wasn't ready. doc gave us the run down, used my behind like map, showed boss all the correct places and not correct places. then it was time. i leaned on the table with my pants pulled down, baring my booty for the hub and doc. count of three....and stab. and to my amazement, it didn't hurt. at. all. way to go husband! you are a professional shot giver! i was so so so relieved. 

so now we do the repronex for a week to cause egg growth, have another ultrasound to measure my eggs. if they measure well, we will be off to redondo beach to have them harvested and make embryos!

i can't believe i may be preggers in just short of two weeks. woop!

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