Thursday, May 30, 2013

tomorrow's the day

i think it's a good idea to apologize ahead of time for my almost always tmi. too much info. it's who i am. in every story. i am not shy. so, i'm sorry in advance.

we went to the dr yesterday for an ultrasound to measure my eggs. and once again i was very tempted to do the happy dance half naked. and i once again waited until the doc left the room...but it was even harder this time! my eggs were perfect size. all TEN of them. yes, 10. (insert crazy happy dance here) i couldn't have been happier. so, tomorrow we are off to Redondo beach for the day to have my eggs harvested. after that, they will immediately be fertilized, embryo's will grow and next Wednesday we will be off to Redondo again for the embryo transfer.

and a side note: today was a needle free day. yesssssssss. the first in over 30.

 we had lunch with Nonie and Aunt Christine last week. it was great to see doesn't happen enough! m did great at lunch but i am realizing that the more people around, the less she wants to be in her highchair. she wants to be out and about waving hello.
 saturday we went the Festival of the Arts with Melanie and Elsie. it was so much fun! the weather was perfect, there were tons of activities for the kids and Elsie and M pretty much have a blast anywhere together.

last night we celebrated my great grandpa's 97th birthday. seeing that side of the family is always special because it doesn't happen very often. and did you catch that....M has a great great grandpa. 5 generations. that is truly a miracle.

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