Saturday, June 1, 2013

and now we wait: part 1

yesterday could have been the longest day of my life. a 12 hour trip. left at 8 am, got home at 8 pm. and all of it but about 3 hours was driving. ew. how do you live in LA? that is the question. 45 minutes to go through 3 green lights. really. awful. boss man handled it wonderfully while i was yelling at him, ok, not yelling, but loudly suggesting, he move over, then move back, drive slower, no drive faster, stoppppp!!!!!! that is how most of the drive to Beverly Hills went. home was much better.

we arrived at the ART center to have my eggs retrieved and i immediately was in tears. what if i ovulated early? what if i don't wake up? these feelings are probably normal but i am a worrier. boss calls me wcs-worst case scenario. and thats all i did the entire way there. from the moment i woke up. wcs. sorry lover :( well i woke up and the procedure went great. i even got some lovely pain meds that knocked me right out for a quick nap!

7 eggs were retrieved and doc called me this morning to inform me that 6 were healthy and 4, maybe 5, were healthy growing embryos!!! i have 6 children. ha. that is so wild. i have one amazing little girl at home (napping thank god) and 5 little embryo babies growing in Beverly Hills. ahhh life is good. let's just hope they don't get used to that lifestyle while they enjoy their 5 night stay in the posh ART center....

we head back down next Wednesday for the embryo transfer. he will pick the healthiest two embryos to transfer and then we get to come home! a week and half after that we will take a pregnancy test and pray to the gods, old and new (do you watch game of thrones?), that i am pregnant (with twins!) ssshhhh, don't tell boss that i am hoping for two :) he may faint. 

part 2 after Wednesday !

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