Sunday, June 16, 2013

my baby daddy

my husband. my baby daddy. he is just the best thing there is. i never knew i could feel so at peace, so much joy when seeing him with our sweet girl. he is:

funny. so very funny
a hunk (this should be at the top of the list...)
a friend
a brother
a son
a daddy
a husband
a lover of golf
a lover of fishing

i could keep listing and listing all of the things that made me fall in love with him over and over again but it would probably make you gag. i say this all the time, in every card i write him, but i am truly so so so lucky to have him as ours. he is the best father. i thought i could imagine it, seeing him with her, but i couldn't even get close. when i hear the giggles and laughs, my heart melts to mush. he wears so many hats every single day and does an excellent job at all of them. he is our boss.

so heres to you baby daddy, happy fathers day!!!! i love you. we love you. all 3 of us ;)

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