Sunday, June 16, 2013

18 months!

M is 18 months old. how on earth did this happen? they say the older you get, the faster time flies. and this is true. but what no one told me was once you have a baby, then time REALLY flies. like in the blink of an eye a week has gone by. or a month. i really cannot believe she is 18 sweet baby.

at 18 months old, M:

  • can hop on two feet. i've counted up to 11 times in a row
  • loves to be a big helper. unloading one grocery item at a time, one dish out of the clean dishwasher at a time, one piece of clothing out of the dryer....anything she can help with, you bet she will be right there to do it
  • she has so many words! she just started saying mama about a month ago and i LOVE it. pretty, milk, walk, out, shoe, hi dada, hi roo, hi mama, hi gigi, hi pop and 100 other words and phrases that all sounds like japanese/spanish/german. her vocabulary is growing everyday
  • wants to have her boo-boo's kissed all better. 17 times
  • gets grumpy as soon as she hears dinner begin to cook. she will continue to be a grumpers until she is in her highchair with food in her mouth. every night without fail. 
  • could eat all. day. long. seriously
  • loves to help wash herself in the bath. and loves the bath
  • loves her friends we have made at mommy and me. i like the mommy friends i have made too :)
  • waves hello to anyone and everyone in every store
  • absolutely loves being dirty. she could spend all day outside digging in the dirt and playing in roo's water bowl
this list could go on and on. we love you sweet Mila, you are the light of our life, our dream come true!!

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