Tuesday, October 30, 2012


happy halloween! mila's first halloween was so much fun! we went to grandma's and gigi's for photos and then headed off to a halloween party at katie and megan's. i used to nanny for katie and megan for four years and miss them dearly. we try to get together as much as possible but they are busy little girls! megan was a witch and katie was a kitty. they just adore mila and mila adored chasing all the big kids around!!
 halloween weekend was also a very special weekend because my wonderful friend Valerie gave birth to her second baby, a beautiful little boy! I am so happy for the Pera family and for that mama! She is an absolutely great mama to Evelyn and i know Vincent open her heart to even more love!
we hope you all have a fun and safe halloween! BOO!

Friday, October 12, 2012

reunions, birthdays & busyness!

last week was a little hectic and i am hoping tonight is the last night of hectic. saturday we had the Boss's 10 year high school reunion. it was great to see old friends. we took a limo, a little reminder of prom's past, but nice to have a sober ride and spend time with close friends.

i am so proud of Trevor. in 10 years he has accomplished so much and become a wonderful husband and daddy. everyday i am reminded of why i fell in love with him and how lucky i am he is mine.

sunday we hit the pumpkin patch which wasn't quite as fantastic as i had hoped. mila couldn't have cared less (i don't blame her being 10 months old). and the Boss wasn't feeling quite up to par being the day after his reunion. oh well, we got some awesome pumpkins and there is always next year!

Boss is currently working a 6 day week so we didn't get to have the sunday part of his weekend. we miss him terribly. we had rain for a few days so M and i were stuck inside and with her being a crazy busy bee  i think we both almost lost our minds! we celebrated a wonderful friends birthday last night with sushi (yummmm!) and finally the girls are going out for a drink tonight! Phew, that is a lot.

i am ready for bed just thinking about it all. i wish.

M is 10 months old and we had her check up with the doc today. she is growing growing growing and just perfect. eating could be her favorite thing to do and she is SO close to taking off on those adorable little feet. 9 steps is the record as of this morning. i am in love with this little pooky.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Punkin

 Our little punkin! It was super hot out so I let her skip the clothes since she's in a hat :)

It was over 100 degrees this week so we decided to skip town and head to the coast. Only to find we were sweating there too! We had dinner at a fave spot on the water and walked around enjoying touristy shops. Mila could not get enough of the pickle! Never even puckered, she thought it was delish!!