Friday, May 3, 2013

meal planning

i've decided that meal planning is an option i need to try. have to try. when you have a husband who works anywhere from 40-60 hours a week (more often than not it's 60) you have to be ready with food at all hours. boss man arrives home with a hungry belly at 8 pm. hours after M and i have eaten, showered and put our jammies on. not going to lie, we are both usually in bed: her asleep and me with my kindle or computer. or catching up on RHWOC. ew. but so good.

anyways, back to meal planning. if you are like me, a busy crazy mom, then planning a grocery list with meals already written down is very helpful. and if you're like me, you pin all these amazing meals, crafts, ideas, outfits...and never do anything with them. i have so many things pinned on pinterest that i need to try.

so during todays nap, when i wish i was napping too, i got on my yumminess board and started planning. i made my list of groceries, wrote down three new meals to try and added one meal i know is a pleaser. so i am ready to hit the store. on sunday. ha. i have a few things for tonights and tomorrows dinners. now, how to display this lovely meal planning? write it on the calendar that hangs on the fridge? which already has a million other things on it... or use my vintage chalk board and find a cute place to hang it? i love this idea. now where to put it....

in other news, we enrolled M in preschool for the fall and are so excited. you might be thinking "wth? she is only 17 months old!" we know, we know. and believe us, we've heard every opinion of every person who thinks they know better. and hey, you may know better. but we don't care :) we know our family and we know what's best for us. so, that being said, M will be spending two mornings a week at the Montessori school. she is so active and smart, i know with the utmost confidence that she will soar!!  and this mama will get a few hours of undistracted errand running and cleaning. yippee!

we took M to the beach for the first time (she thought the ocean was the most amazing thing ever!!), we went to visit our cousins in the bay area last weekend, had a few playdates this week, went swimming at grandmas and another crazy week coming up! mommy and me, gymnastics, dr's appointments and i start my ivf injections. that's all i have to say about that. yikes.

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