Monday, April 29, 2013

dr's office let down

ever been let down by a dr? call and feel like they have no idea who you are...when you just spoke to them last week? ok, so maybe a regular family dr or specialist you see once a year won't remember you. but a fertility dr you have been speaking to for months? a fertility dr you are paying a crap load of $$$?

he's the best around.

he's ranked 7 in the US.

he is great at his job.

his staff is crap at their job.

i. am. so. annoyed. frustrated. irritated. and i should not be. not when i am just beginning this process and need to be stress free for the results i want. i begin my injections next friday and have an appointment that morning. hopefully they have what they need for my appointment, know who i am and are nice :)

or they won't like me very much.

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