Monday, April 1, 2013


we had (have) two easter celebrations this year; one yesterday afternoon and one this afternoon. m hunted easter eggs....why do we say hunt?...weird. she though it was pretty boring. i think. once she discovered how to open the eggs, she would pick it up, hold it to her little ear and give it a shake. a smile would pop up on her face, she'd crack it open and gobble up whatever candy was in it! some eggs didn't have candy and well, those eggs were put directly back where she found them. all complete with a frown and a little grunt. this girl is too much!

she absolutely loves to explore. nonie has the best backyard to explore. little pathways, lemon and tangerine trees. she would crinkle her nose up and sniff sniff sniff the lemons hanging on the tree and if she could find a good one laying on the ground, she'd pick it up and put it in her easter basket.

 she looked like such a big girl in her pretty dress and bow. which i couldn't believe she actually left in her hair!

 this is her frown when the egg had a dollar!

love my sweet family

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