Sunday, March 17, 2013

Santa Barbara Zoo!

i feel like i have been away from the blogging world for too long! my computer had to go to the Apple store over night and be reset back to factory settings. that was annoying. and now all of my photos and software is on an external hard drive. which i have yet to put back on the computer.


the last few weeks have been busy busy. lots of travel and sunshine. the weather has been absolutely amazing. gorgeous. i love where we live. so lucky.

we went for a visit to Pasadena to see Aunt Deveny last weekend. it was so much fun. we had an evening of pinning, nail painting, dinner making and wine drinking that was perfection. we watched a couple movies, went to lunch, did some shopping, spent time at the park and drank some more wine. m was such a trooper and did great!!

daddy turned 29 last week. we went to dinner with family, the Santa Barbara Zoo and he got two new golf clubs and an iPad. whoa. lucky lucky boss man. we are so lucky to have him a ours too :) i made my first pie, lemon meringue! it turned out delicious.

 lunch at Brophey's

 i tried to get a photo of her in front of the gorilla, as you can see, and she was off like a bolt of lightning!

the water with duckies was probably her favorite part of the zoo. watching her eyes light up at all the animals was amazing. she is so sweet. and happy. and cute. we fed the giraffe and she absolutely had no fear! it's purple tongue wrapped all around her hand and she just giggled. wondering where the photos of that are???? welp, mama left the card for the camera in the side of my computer. at home. and we didn't notice until we took close to 100 pictures. really. 

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