Friday, April 19, 2013

that mom

so i am sure many of you, if not all of you moms out there, have the moment when you think "gee, i hope i am never that mom..." well, today i had that moment. and i haven't had very many of these, maybe only 2, since i became a mom. i saw a pin on pinterest the other day that was titled "turn in your parent card: parent fails." today i think i thought that silently to myself at the park...ok, i whispered it to my friend.

so we're enjoying our morning at the park with a friend and all of sudden, through the giggling of our kids and nice calm of our conversation we hear a mom yelling for her kids. now i mean really yelling. like sitting on the lawn with her friend and just yelling her kids names. she obviously did not want to get up or leave the company of her friend to walk over to her kids, who were playing nicely with M and B, to tell them it was time to go. so after about 10 minutes of her yelling a name, walking over to load the car, yelling the other kids name, chatting some more with her friend, her friend yelling her kids name and blah blah blah, i said to the little girl "i think your mommy is calling you" and she said "yeah" and so the yelling continued. just when i thought she was walking over she stopped short by about 20 feet, must've decided that was just too far, and yelled again. this time with some other words besides their names. yikes.

now, i know that not every second of this joyful journey we call motherhood is perfect and pretty but come on....if you are alone at the park and you want to yell from a football field distance to your kids, go right ahead. but when there are other moms and kiddos, keep calm and walk over to your kids :) and if they should choose not to listen, pick them up and walk away. we won't think you are mean for picking them up kicking and screaming and taking them to the car. it happens to all of us :)

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