Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stretched Thin

i've been feeling stretched thin. very thin. like thinner than pancake thin. we've had work being done on the house, projects, appointments, sh!t with our fertility office and just more stuff. the work on the house was installing AC. which is a miracle. an expensive miracle. but thank god a friend of the family is the business and we scored a great deal. projects would be our yard. we did tractor work.
m was obsessed. we sat outside on the patio and watched daddy for hours. and more hours. it was a dirty dusty mess but the yard looks so much better. and once we add sod and pavers it will look amazing. a work in progress! boss was so happy to be back on the tractor and working on his house :) he loves projects.

aunt rachel ran a marathon two weeks ago and we went to cheer her on! she did AWESOME. awesome is an understatement. i would die. i would crawl to the finish line. she kicked 26.2's ass.
we waited at the fence for an hour and when we saw that yellow shirt coming we were so pumped! m made her a sign and we cheered like we had never cheered before!!

 i received all of my ivf medication in the mail yesterday. and i'm scared. needles. lots of needles. and lots of syringes. and meds. ew. i am not looking forward to it. i am so happy of what we pray the end result will be but to get from here to there is not going to be fun. or easy. it is going to test my willpower daily. but i have to do it. and i will do it.

we also found a little place in Paso where we can get into the salinas river. there is a little trail at the end of a col-de-sac and we had so much fun. it was pretty windy and chilly but we discovered that babies don't care how cold they are. if they want to be wet and have fun then they will!

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