Monday, July 29, 2013

cheers to three years! 7-24-13

i was supposed to post this last week :( so sad i forgot!!!

six years ago it was love at first sight.

four years ago i said yes.

three years ago we said i do.

18 months ago we met our sweet daughter.....

three years ago, i married boss man. and it was the best decision we've made together. well, i guess he made the decision to propose and i made the decision to say yes :)

we've been through it all. college, job loss, job changes, buying our nest, a dog, the birth of our daughter, infertility and IVF treatments, we've weathered the storms of questioning us and our reasons, is it worth it, can we make it...and we have always come out the other side stronger and more aware of each other than we have ever been.

i wouldn't be me without him. i wouldn't know myself as well as i do. i wouldn't be held accountable for my bs without him. and him without me. we are complete together and as a family. we are a team in all ways. and we still have struggles. but we work through them together. sometimes it isn't pretty. sometimes it's beautiful.

its our life and i wouldn't trade it for anything.

so hunny, here's to 3 years of being your wife. i've loved it all. i can't wait for our little bundle of joy to be here next year, to watch our family grow and witness you with another child of ours.

i love you.

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