Monday, August 12, 2013



we've had my in-laws staying with us for about 2 weeks. they left us a few days ago to head back up to way northern CA. it's great to have them here but im finding out i am not really a company for more than 4 days kind of person. i think i knew this but it's just been reaffirmed. don't get me wrong--they are awesome guests. it's just something with me feeling like i have to entertain blah blah blah.

my belly has already popped. why does this happen so early the second time around?! whoa. not that i mind wearing stretchy pants. they're awesome. but really, i may be a whale by the time February rolls around.

i've really been craving Fall. making lots of rib-sticker yummy warm meals like chicken pot pie, pulled pork sandwiches, meatball stroganoff....yummmmmm. i can't wait to decorate. i told boss i'd at least wait until the first day of Fall this year. last year i whipped it all out on September 1st. he didn't like it very much.

m will be 19 months old this week. she knows two colors; yellow and blue. and let me tell you, the word yellow is the cutest thing i have ever heard come out of her mouth. i want to record it and keep it forever. she is obsessed with using the potty. she pees sometimes but mostly it's just super exciting and we wipe and flush. which is a great start. she is loving the toddler program at the Montessori. this is her last week for summer and then we get a month off! which i am really looking forward to. more water park fun!!

all in all, life is grand. we are trucking along making memories and enjoying the small stuff. i'm feeling more content than i can remember.

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