Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh baby girl, how we love you! The clock is ticking ticking ticking away! Only 6 short weeks (4 1/2 even shorter ones if you don't flip) until we meet your sweet face!!! We are so ready! A secret little part of me hopes that you stay breech....if you do, you will get such a special birthday. December 14th is the day your great-great grandmother passed away at the age of 100. We know she is watching down on us and although she can't 'meet' you, we know she will sense your presence and arrival. She was an amazing woman. You would be her 'little Bootsie' just like mommy was.... I feel it is a sign that you happen to be hanging out head-up :) Your great-great grandfather passed away just a few weeks before your Uncle Josh was born and grandma said 'God giveth and God taketh away'. She was taken from us on that day and you will be given.

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