Thursday, October 20, 2011


Not a word you'd like to hear when you visit the Dr. When he said "Oh, her head is up here." I looked at the medical student like 'what the hell?!' If you know me, you know my mind is going 100 mph. Even though 'we don't need to worry for 5 more weeks' he says. And he also says she is 'big'. And the bigger the harder it will be for her to turn. So here I am, on my first day in the second quarter of my century of life, with a racing mind. Is this bad? A c-section? Turning her? Keloid scars? Recovery? Not getting to nurse right away? But at the same time: I am quite the planner. Picking her birthday. Knowing when she will arrive. Being as prepared as I can be....hmmmm this could not be so bad.

Do I want to try and mover her? Lie on my head? Tilt my pelvis? I think not. I think she is this way because in that heck of a tight space she is occupying, this is what is comfortable for her. There is a reason she has stayed head up. And I am not going to fret.

Can't wait to meet you little girl. We love you.

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