Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentines day!

happy valentines day! we don't usually do much, if anything, around the marks residence to celebrate this day. boss man is not really a fan. ok, not really isn't, he isn't at all.

but i love him dearly so i always do a little something.

this year i did 52 reasons i love you.  used a deck of cards, a heart hole punch, some ribbon, card stock, a marker and tacky glue to construct this little love book for him. it turned out really cute. and i hope it will always be a reminder of how much i love him.

here are my 52 reasons. which are really only a few!

  1. your smile
  2. you let me put my iceberg feet on your warm legs at night. sometimes.
  3. you make me laugh
  4. you provide a wonderful life
  5. you are an awesome daddy
  6. you have a passion for golf
  7. you support my choices
  8. your love for your mama and family
  9. you like to be silly
  10. you are sexy
  11. you enjoy the outdoors
  12. you like my DIY projects...or at least pretend to 
  13. you take care of our lawn
  14. you're so handy
  15. you eat chinese food with me even though you hate it
  16. you smell yummy
  17. you know my moods better than i do
  18. you don't mind washing dishes
  19. you listen to me tell the same stories over and over
  20. you remember all of our firsts
  21. you are level headed
  22. you keep me grounded
  23. you make me feel beautiful everyday
  24. because i loved you at first sight
  25. you truly are a sweetheart
  26. you understand my silliness. or weirdness
  27. for always being patient
  28. for holding my hand for no reason
  29. for loving our daughter
  30. for loving me unconditionally
  31. for trying hard
  32. for never never giving up 
  33. for being a dreamer 
  34. for always coming home to me
  35. for knowing i can always count on you
  36. for loving Roo
  37. because you watch chick flicks with me....
  38. even the bachelor!
  39. we can have discussions fairly
  40. for the way you say "my wife..."
  41. when we think the same thing at the same time
  42. for drinking wine with me
  43. for letting me fill up the bath before you take a shower
  44. because you always order dr pepper
  45. you pat my butt when i walk by you
  46. you take such good care of M when i'm not around
  47. you always love my body
  48. you always make sure we are safe
  49. you always eat my cooking. even chicken pot pie, which you hate.
  50. for wanting to marry me
  51. for having a sweet baby girl with me
  52. and for knowing that the best is still yet to come
i am so lucky to love this man. and to have him love me. we were meant to be.

we exchanged our cards yesterday and he LOVED his 52 reasons; i will never forget the smile on his face as head read each one aloud. a few laughs in there too. and he got me a beautiful Lisa Leonard triple strand turquoise necklace. i'd had my eye on it for a few months and he secretly purchased it. he's the best. 

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