Sunday, February 24, 2013

where we call home

we are so blessed to call this beautiful place our home. the central coast is simply amazing.

my in-laws are staying with us awhile and helping a ton with our yard. so far: the fence was reconstructed, the "pool" deck the owners before us never came close to finishing is disassembled, the jutted-out part of the fence has been set back to match the rest, the wire fence has been removed and so has the old nasty climbing shrub. phew. that's a lot of things. half an acre takes a lot of work. especially when it needed tlc immediately after purchasing.

tonight we took a break, i mean my father in law took a break, and went to Morro Bay for the best fish and chips. ever. really. Harbor Hut does it right and i ate the whole plate. more than my husband. and my father in law. combined. ok, not combined but more than each of them. just a lot, ok?

here are a few photos from our adventure. it was a gorgeous night. m was totally happy. and now she is teething molars and miserable :(

oma and opa and m

and daddy

and mama

the sun setting in the west...

moon rising in the east...

we are so blessed. 

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