Wednesday, February 13, 2013

jellies, penguins & sea stars, oh my!

yesterday we ventured 2 hours north-west to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. boss had never been in all of his 29 years (gasp!) and it was m's first time too. it was the perfect day!

this was so neat! just keep swimming, just keep swimming- m was totally fascinated.

the jelly fish were by far my favorite. they are beautiful! and i love this photo.

checking out the leopard sharks and kelp forest with dad. we waited around for the diver to feed the fish and when he started talking and waving m gave him a big ol' HIIII and wave back.

loving the touch pools. she tried to pick up every star fish and take all the kelp with her :)

spending family days together are my absolute favorite. i fall more in love with boss when i see him pick her up and place her on his shoulders for a better view or offer her a little snack while carrying her around on his hip. those two are perfect together. 

with IVF as our next option for having a baby, it meant picking the time that was right for us to begin the process. we could've have started much sooner but decided that waiting gave us the chance to spend as much quality time as a family of 3 as we possibly can. that was the reason behind heading to the aquarium and our next adventure, the Santa Barbara Zoo in March. boss took me there for our 1 year anniversary. so technically m has already been but i think this time around she will have a much better view! for the harvest and transfer of our embryos we have to travel to Redondo Beach so we are researching to find an adventure there! 

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  1. i'm so happy to find you on here... i rarely check my blogs but so happy to see pics and hear how you are... much love...