Thursday, February 7, 2013

organizing part 1

lately i have been organizing and cleaning out like i may be suffering from a severe case of nesting. but that's impossible. really. so ive just chalked it up to early spring cleaning and wishing it was nesting. oh well, that will come soon enough and i'm sure i'll find loads more to organize and re-organize again.

recently i started moving everything from our guest bedroom closet to the hall closet. the room no longer has a bed so we got a couch from my mom, moved a desk in there and set up the desk top computer that never ever gets used. in fact, it isn't even plugged in. anyhoo, the bedroom closet was mainly storage for all crafting supplies, office supplies, junk, a dresser with more junk, more craft and wrapping paper stuff and some more junk.

i started by purchasing different size bins from Target and organizing things in the bins. i labeled the front of the bin according to what is inside with a cute Martha Stewart brown sticky label from Staples.

this photo is angled to the right of the shelf because the left side is still junk unorganized. i like to save Parenting, Real Simple and Boss Man's Handy Man magazines if there are interesting articles or tips in them. i have these in a vertical file box, on the right, with flags to mark the pages i may want to refer to later.

the categories i have chosen for this stuff are banking&office, tools&nails, crafting&gifting, candles&votives, pens&markers and cords. you may find as you organize, like i did, that some of the containers will need to be bigger and you can re-label as you move things around. i have found that paper and craft paper don't really belong in a 'box type' organizer. i need to find an organizer that has four levels with an open front so the paper can easily slide in a out. our hall closets have 4 shelves and i started with my containers on the bottom two shelves. well, as my growing toddler discovered how to open the doors and play in there i had to move them up to the top two.

im still working so i'll share another organization post soon!

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