Friday, February 1, 2013

ivf preparedness

before we actually begin with the process of ivf and my treatments, we have to make some subtle changes to our diets and i have to begin birth control (lame) and take folic acid. why birth control you may wonder? yeah, me too. it is completely impossible for my to become pregnant. ever. oh well. as the dr says. anyways, there is no alcohol consumption while doing the treatments and very limited caffeine.  oh. dear. lord. the alcohol is ok. the caffeine i cannot live without.

so ive decided that from today until may 1st is 90 days. so i started today with very limited alcohol (none unless it is a celebration type evening) and weaning off of caffeine, down to one cup. i never have more than 2 but ya know, that second one is a life saver around 11 am. while im at it i figure i could stand to lose a few lbs so why not go low carb? we eat pretty healthy around here so there isn't much else to change.

so, day 1 is done. 89 to go. boss man says if i look at it that way i won't make it very far and i am quite possibly the least committed person, when it comes to diets and such, on the planet. but ill do this. can't be too healthy right? this will be the most expensive baby ever so i need to do all that i can to ensure i am as healthy as i can be for that little peanut.

-no alcohol
-less caffeine
-low carb
-more exercise

ill update after about a week...if i survive.

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