Monday, February 11, 2013

14 months

how is M already 14 months? i know i say this every month and every post but its going too fast.

her favorite things are still daddy and playing outside.

she loves to snack on goldfish dipped in pb and all kinds of berries; especially black berries.

she says: dada, daddy, down, done, dog, ooo-tinky (we call her toes poo-tinky when they are stinky), mama (very rarely), hi dada and hi gigi, and tickle tickle.

she knows how to bring me a clean diaper, that the car keys mean we are going bye-bye (she carries them to the door and bangs them on the handle), and bath means head to the tub! which she absolutely loves.

she can run now and jump on two feet! which is amazing!! she loves her friends, sharing and coloring.

yesterday we played with bubbles for the first time and she wasn't all that enthused...they were blowing away in the wind and she would rather run in the grass and dig her little chubby fingers in the dirt. and play peek-a-boo in the fence.

 these are her sparkly, light-up sketchers. when you ask for her shoes, these are always the pair she brings to you :)

 can her hands please stay like this forever???? pretty please?

run run run! i took a series of photos of her running and they are just so cute. she lets her cheeks jiggle and says "ugh ugh ugh ugh" with every step. like she is on a bumpy road or something. to. die. for. 

tomorrow we are heading to the monterey bay aquarium for the Boss's first time! and M's too :) it will be our valentines celebration. a post son to follow!

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