Friday, January 18, 2013

yesterdays consult

yesterday we began the journey of IVF with our consultation. we really liked the Dr (good thing because if we hadn't we'd be s.o.l.) He made us laugh and feel comfortable and gave us all the information we needed. he said that i am the type of IVF patient that makes him happy. no tubes. very young. have carried and delivered a baby before. he seemed very positive and encouraging.

so i feel relieved. not 100% back to my normal self but better. and i will take better.

we're on the schedule for may. crazy to be able to say if all goes well, i will be pregnant in june. i will know the exact day and on our drive to Redondo beach we can say we're on our way to get knocked up! ha.

i was given a mock schedule, well and exact schedule but for the cycle in april, and whoa, this is going to be crazy on my body. pills. injections. creams. ultrasounds. bloodwork. but it will all be worth it. just have to keep telling myself i am strong and i can do it. and i will.

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