Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a surprise in the mail

i love getting mail. christmas is my favorite time of year partly because of all the beautiful and fun christmas cards we receive. it makes my day when a package comes or a sweet card. ok, enough rambling about mail, i'll get to the point. wonderful mail came today: my ART (artificial reproductive technology) packet of information. in this legal size gloriously yellow envelope was all of our blood work slips, diet info, meds info and RX slips, and what i was most excited about...the calendar of my daily schedule. despite it being the wrong month, i was still excited. seeing the actual days on paper is making it feel more real. making it a little easier to cope with the fact that we have to do this to have another baby.

this is going to be one of the hardest things i have ever done. probably the hardest thing my body has ever gone through. shots. pills. more shots. more needles. ew. have i mentioned i hate needles? this isn't exactly the type of thing you want to go through if you hate needles. especially since there is going to be a very large, very hollow needle inserted through my abdomen into an ovary. ouch. good thing i will have that lovely thing called anesthesia to help me sleep through it. we're really looking forward to june.
hopefully this is what will come next march. a sweet little miracle.

other than this super awesome mail, this week has been pretty bleh. m and i have both had colds for a week now. not too miserable of a cold but whenever she can't breathe out of her makes for long nights for this mama who is used to sleeping through the night. you forget what that is like. boss man is now feeling it coming on. we tried to squeeze in bike rides and park time before the rain and also got to go on an amazing date afternoon monday. thanks to lauren and matt, we went to sycamore for an hour long hot tub soak that also came with childcare! m had a super great time playing with lauren and we got to have peace and quiet in the mountains of san luis obispo. whenever we have the chance to spend time in SLO, i always come home wondering why we didn't buy a house there? oh yeah, because we don't have a million bucks. ha. maybe one day. we can keep dreaming until then :)

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