Saturday, January 12, 2013

valentine's craft

while M napped a glorious 3 hours today i did some valentine crafting. after an hour of some serious pinning. i'm slightly obsessed with pinterest for craft/party ideas.

anywho, i took step by step (kind of) photos for this easy and cute craft! and it's free if you have all the supplies which i am sure many of you do.

you will need craft paper, a pencil or pen, scissors, needle and thread, tape. cellophane bag and ribbon for wrapping (optional).

fold the craft paper into thirds and draw half a heart along the fold. when you cut it out and open the fold you will have a whole heart. i could fit 3 hearts on each fold so a total of 6 per piece of paper.

 i used a thick needle and 4 strands of white thread. you can use embroidery floss too (probably better, i only had black). after threading the needle, poke it through the folded-in-half heart. the middle is not the best choice so ignore that photo. it will hang upside down. so, on my second garland, i poked through just below the dip in the top of the heart and it worked! yay!

 i put a small piece of tape over the thread on the backside to keep them from sliding.
 turned out super cute!

 i made little gift tags with a punch out and heart hole punch.
we (i) made one for auntie lauren. i wrapped it up in a cellophane bag, tied it with red ribbon and it's ready to be delivered!

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