Monday, March 17, 2014

one month

how has almost 5 weeks gone by?! my little peanut has grown so much and it makes me sad :( so happy he is healthy and growing but knowing this is my last little guy…it's a little hard to swallow.

duke is a happy camper when he is close to mama. he sleeps 4-5 hour stretches at night. sleeps most of the day. eats like a champ. is starting to smile and coo. makes my heart happy. happy one month of life my boy.

boss has been home for 5 weeks and we've been trying to do as many fun things as possible while still getting a lot done. make that trying to get a lot done. because we haven't.


m is in a big girl bed now!!! and she loves it. the first night she never climbed out and in the mooring she called for daddy to come get her. thinking she still thought it was a crib. first nap was a success and seeing her cute (shocked) face walk down the hallway saying "i wake now!" was to die for. she was so proud!! since those awesome first two days we have found her outside (yes, that sounds horrible, i know) and she has come to the living room and our bedroom. otherwise nap time has been a little difficult. she likes playing in her kitchen. it doesn't really bother me. as long as she is in there and quiet.

we spent the day in cambria seeing the elephant seals and having lunch. it was 75 degrees and gorgeous. 

we have golfed two rounds as a family of four. m takes her driver and loves to putt at every green. duke has been a trooper. 

and daddy turned 30!!! such a special birthday. we had friends and family over for in'n'out burgers, beers and cake. perfect night. i am so lucky to have called him mine since he was 23. 23 sounds like forever ago! 7 years have gone so fast. i look forward to loving him, making memories together and raising our family for the next 30 years to come!! 

(this is our first and only photo as a family of 4. sad. we need another one when i don't have 7 inches of black roots and duke is not sleeping…)

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