Monday, August 31, 2015

this, that & the other

seriously. sometimes life is just lemons. lemon after lemon after lemon. and making lemonade with them is not really that easy. i'd prefer a vodka with my lemons but being that it's 2.15 pm, i think i'll have to wait.

lemons. health. we take it for granted. 100%. which is awful. m has been having headaches which we now think are migraines. her head ct came back clear (thank god) so now we move on to a neurologist. this has been going on for a few months and seeing her suffer is the. absolute. worst.

a few more lemons. d has been dealing with health issues of his own and man, that's almost even tougher because he's a baby. he doesn't talk. he can't tell me that his tummy hurts or whats wrong. he was on an RX for a sinus infection (hindsight is always 20/20. i should've said no thanks to the meds)which gave him the worst tummy aches. 8th day and i said no more. and then the symptoms of diarrhea got worse. like 20 times a day bad. bleeding bottom bad. long story short-we ended up in the ER because we thought maybe he ate a mushroom on the lawn. tests came back neg for that so then they thought maybe he had e coli. scary! he continued to get worse-like he didn't eat for 6 days-and then his poop test came back neg too. today is the first day he ate breakfast and a little lunch. his pooping machine bottom has slowed down and i hope he is on the up & up.

my poor babies!!!

que more lemons. we also decided to pull m out of preschool due to financial reasons. stab a fork in my heart. give it a little twist. then pull it out. i'm devastated. she loves school. we love her to love school. heck we love the school. for many reasons-one being my sanity. i wrote the email a bit ago and i had to save it. i couldn't push send. my tears started flowing and i just couldn't do it. maybe later. maybe tomorrow. maybe a pot of gold will fall out of the sky. or a $ tree will sprout in the back yard. school doesn't start until the 9th so i have a little time. right? ugh.

and now for my vodka lemonade :)

my favorite time of year is approaching and our summer pace of super duper busy has finally slowed. and it's perfect. we have our second annual camping trip planned for this weekend-sans kiddos-and we are so looking forward to it. we head up to the mountains at the end of the month. the modern market has been super wonderful for me. i have met lots of wonderful new people and made a little $. i actually am on the sub teaching list for this school year and to be honest, i'm looking forward to that too. a little break out of this place once or twice will be nice. and it will definitely help until that money tree grows. or the pot of gold falls.

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