Monday, June 29, 2015


hello again!

i need to get over these funks of not writing for such a long period of time. life has been great as usual around here. flying right on by. swim lessons. girls trip to montana. bought a trailer. went to camp natoma. gymnastics. duke says dada and uh oh. mila is writing her name. boss got a new job! <--- 10="" 5="" 60="" 7:45="" a="" activities="" all="" allow="" amazing.="" amp="" and="" at="" because="" but="" came="" come="" company="" dad="" days="" department.="" did="" different="" dream="" for="" four="" fri="" have="" he="" highlight="" him="" his="" home="" hour="" hours="" in="" incredibly="" is="" it="" job="" just="" middle="" missed="" night="" of="" off.="" our="" p="" possibly="" proud="" put="" quite="" right="" rough="" same="" sat="" seriously="" shifts="" so="" sometimes.="" still="" sun="" that="" the="" there="" time.="" to="" true.="" was="" we="" week.="" week="" weekend="" who="" will="" with="" work="" working="" year.="" years="" you="">
i took mila to camp natoma last weekend with my grandma. her great grandma. it was so fun. we slept on cots under the moon and stars. the angels sang us to sleep. the bugle woke us up. we ate camp food. we painted a lot of rocks. we went swimming. we got bit by bugs. a lot of bugs. but it was perfect. perfectly dirty. perfect memories to last a lifetime. i am so proud of my family. we have 5 generations going strong and it was just heartwarming for my grandma to take her great granddaughter somewhere she used to go back in the 40's.

we bought a trailer! woop! we are sharing it with my parents and cannot wait for our first adventure in a few weeks. mila named her bessy. like on cars. i offered up a handful of names and that's the one that struck a cord with her. so bessy she is. 

montana was a blast. such a great trip with my mom and aunt. its the most beautiful place i have ever been and i can't wait to go back! green and lush. rain in the afternoons. snow capped peaks. amazing. 

up next for the marks clan is the 4th of july parade and bbq. tahoe. the beach house. the fair. camping.  more water park trips, bike rides, dinners on the patio and marks memories 

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