Monday, February 23, 2015

He's 1!

this sweet little boy turned 1 this month! we had a cowboy themed birthday bash with family and friends to celebrate. that's a pretty good photo of the 4 of us considering we really felt like poop. mila was a day in to her second round of antibiotics for another double ear infection. and we would soon find out that duke had a double ear infection too. then boss got bronchitis. then mama got a sinus infection. we've been through the ringer this season with illness. we leave for the snow in a few days so i'm praying everyone is healthy for the trip. altitude and congestion/hurting ears are not a good combo. 

at 1 year, duke can:

play patty cake
points at everything
wave with both his hands
give loves
roll a ball to you
loves to hide toys and find them
play peek-a-boo
say dadadadada and mamammama
he loves his pacifier and blanky
he weighs 23 pounds and 12 ounces

duke is the biggest sweetheart. he loves to cuddle and laugh, play with his sister, bang on anything that will make a loud noise and be wherever you are. he takes two good naps a day and sleeps all night. and he loves to eat. anything and everything. well, except broccoli and avocado. he's not a fan of those. but put anything else in front of him and he will devour it. and then ask for more. it's kind of like if you give a dukers food, he will want more. and then probably more.

we love you to the moon dukers. 

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