Wednesday, October 15, 2014

a crazy calendar

a crazy calendar gives me anxiety. stresses me out. makes me feel out of control. really. as lame as it sounds it's true. and let me tell you, our calendar is nuts with a capitol N. i'm turning 28 on the 20th, plans with a girlfriend, plans with boss, family pictures, 4 halloween events plus finishing M's costume, praying we close escrow on time, packing my parents house, moving, Thanksgiving, Disneyland immediately after, baby shower two days after we get home, M is turning 3!!!! and then it's Christmas.

whoa. that is seriously crazy. all wonderful happy things that i know we will enjoy but…yeah.

i pictured moving into the new house before halloween, having carved pumpkins on our new porch, decorating and settling in. celebrating the holidays. celebrating 3 years of Mila. now that that isn't reality stinks but we will do the best we can to make the transition smooth and easy. i still can't wait to the holidays!! and i'm really looking forward to sleeping in a bedroom.

this boy. in his great uncles (what?!) cowboy hat. he is seriously to die for.
 we went to the pumpkin patch and let m fill the wagon as high as she wanted. we left with probably one of each kind of pumpkin and that's ok. 
 he's such a good daddy. m has been really in to crafts lately and i love it. it keeps her busy and she creates beauty.
we've been working on colors and counting and matching and shapes. it's so much fun to see her try so hard and succeed. she loves to learn. she is so bright. 

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