Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Great Pumpkin

as i was perusing target, alone, for an hour (amaze balls) this evening i was overwhelmed with the halloween/holiday stuff blasted everywhere. i mean, i get that halloween is actually right around that curvy corner but it still like 107 degrees so my mind isn't there yet. not even close. thinking i need to make my kids costumes, pack up everything at my parents to prepare for the new house…all in 6 weeks time. everything is happening at once it seems and while all of it is great stuff, it's a lot of stuff.

we are starting the tradition of The Great Pumpkin this year and i am really excited. if you know me, you know i love holidays. i love fall. i love winter. i love baskets full of goodies and i love love love making memories and traditions for our family. the great pumpkin will visit our home on the 1st of October to deliver some festive goodies to the babes. a mickey mouse halloween movie, a hello kitty pumpkin shirt, some festive stickers and such. then on halloween night the kiddos put their candy outside their door for the great pumpkin to pick up. after all are tucked in and snoozing on their candy high, he will trade the candy for a new toy/book; something they have asked for or have their eye on. my aunt did this when her babes were babes and i think it's a great idea to get rid of all the delicious candy i'd really like to hoard and eat piece by piece. i think the great pumpkin will leave this mama a small amount of the candy so she can put some in lunches or to have on hand for special treats!

moving. our new house is supposed to be finished in 6 weeks but that sounds like a load of bull. just like "we'll be in contract in two weeks." "ok, two more weeks" "ok, now two more weeks" etc etc. we've been hearing that sentence since april. seriously. it's losing its luster. on a happy note, my beautiful white shaker cabinets are installed! and some ugly lights too, but hey, at least they put those in for free.

m started school last week. duke is crawling like a mad man, still eating like a mad man and pulling up onto anything and everything. he started reaching for the next thing close to him but hasn't figurers out that he needs to move his sweet little feet to get there. this has resulted in quite a few face plants. and quite a few pouty lip tears. which is seriously the cutest face. ever.

the dream boat and i are trying to plan a vacation for spring of next year but where to?! warm sun and white sand? margaritas? or snow and cozy fires? and margaritas? i can have a margarita anywhere, yeah? i think i;m leaning toward the snowy skies and cozy fires. with margaritas. hmmmm…decisions.

oh! and we went camping in bass lake with our friends for three whole days. and it was three whole days of drinking coors lights, cocktails, eating tons of food and catching tons of rays. it was relaxing. i didn't know what to do with myself. except drink more coors lights and catch some more rays.

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  1. What a fantastic life you live Kelli

    The "Great Pumpkin" idea is genius!