Tuesday, August 19, 2014


this picture is really just because. because look at that sweet girl! before she was a big sister. before her hair grew long. just, before. perfection.

 we went to the beach to celebrate cousin Reed's 10 birthday. bon fire. hot dogs. big sand holes. soccer. a "oogie bard'. it was great. great to see family and see my babies so happy. m loves the beach. duke just wanted to eat the sand. of course.
 i got some great shots of he and daddy. man, he is just to die for. he is crawling, sitting up and last night was the first night i felt like we had a sleep breakthrough. he has been a tough one during the night…. lets just say i probably haven't felt rested since he was born. i'm getting closer. its a miracle. really.
 maybe christmas card worthy…not sure it will get any better with 2 babes.
 cousisns jayden, reed and mila.
 me and my sweet babies.
 how we survive the witching hour: ring sling, wine and more wine!

our new house is moving right along. we are still on schedule to move in 30-45 days which puts us at end of September. cabinets and fencing are getting completed this week and we have an appointment for flooring and counters friday. please jesus let everything run on schedule. living at the parents has been better than we all expected but still, not convenient. 

anywho, life is moving right along. mila starts school in a couple of weeks, we have an adults only camping trip just after labor day, m is getting her first hair cut next week (yikes…) and duke's 6 mo check up is next week! 

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