Friday, September 21, 2012

butterflies for the boss

 a hug. a sweet text. a little note. date night with the Boss is the best. i love going on dates with him. it takes me back to a time before our home, before our pup, before I Do, before our little M. a time that we'd go have drinks and be carefree. enjoy each others company. a favorite thing we do together. ok. so i love the Boss. a lot.

enough about my butterflies for the Boss.

Mila is 9 months old! WHAT?! when did that happen? she is so so so close to walking. walking. hmmmm. no mater how many times i say or see it actually happen i can't believe it! 29 inches and 21.7 pounds. a whopper. she is eating anything and everything and is happy as a clam. pretty much all the time. she has 2 bottom teeth and 1 on the top, almost 2. she absolutely loves bubbles in her bath and giving Roo kisses through the screen. we are so blessed with this joy in our lives!!!!
maybe why she loves Roo kisses?!

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