Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Summer Come and Gone

well, another summer has come and nearly gone in the blink of an eye. how does this happen? just like they always used to tell me "the older you get, the faster time goes." and boy, were they ever right. it seems like the time goes even faster once you become a doting, worrying, loving, tired parent!

our summer has consisted of swim lessons with Mr. Ben, an annual trip to Tahoe (our 18th!), an evening lake trip, BBQ's with friends, lots of improvements to our home and a few date nights with The Boss along the way. and in all this busyness we call life, our baby girl is 9 MONTHS OLD next week! what?!

mila-you are the light in mama and daddy's life. every morning i am so lucky to open your door and see your smiling face and bouncing legs. jumping is your favorite thing to do. avocado and cottage cheese are your favorite things to eat. quack quack, more like qack qack, is your favorite thing to say. scrunching your little nose up is the only (and cutest) way to smile. you are a lover of all people and all puppies. you have taught me patience. you have given us a love like no other.

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