Monday, September 20, 2010

Waiting For Superman

I am sitting here watching Oprah in her last season and I had to get on my blog to reflect on this episode. Public Education. I am a substitue teacher studying to get my credential. I am completely appalled at what I am hearing about public education. It is absolutely disheartening that 1.2 MILLION children do not get a diploma every single year. Growing up, I do not remember public education sucking so incredibly bad or teachers stating that they will get paid whether their class learns anything or not. "Waiting for Superman" is a documentary that any person with a child in the public education system, or going into it someday, HAS to see. For the first time in history, our next generation is not as educated as the one before....Is anyone gasping?

"Children's lives are hanging in the balance. We, the adults, are the problem-NOT the children."

It irks me to hear people talk so badly about pub ed. I have been put into a horrible situation by opening my mouth in defense of the teachers and public education; unfortunately to no avail. The children are not the problem-Teachers being shitty teachers is the problem. I have never once in my life thought that I would think twice before sending my children to a public school and I have high hopes that there will be changes implemented before I get there.

AND....I am adding this last bit after watching the viewers reactions on Friday's Oprah....What responsibility do the parents hold? My response-just as much as the teachers. A child cannot simply go home and do homework; parents needs to ensure they are studying. And they need to be an active part as well. No one can blame teachers, blame parents, unions etc. Everyone needs to take responsibility and take the leap into paving the way. Asking "who is going to help?" isn't the answer. Being the change you want to see, is.

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