Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coming to a close

We have had such an amazing summer full of big changes! From graduating college to golf dates to bachelor/bachelorette parties to new jobs to getting married, it has been the best thus far. We didn't have as many lake trips with friends as we would've liked but, the few we did get in were great! We also missed out on our 14th Fourth of July in Tahoe but for a gooood reason, our wedding! I can't wait for next July already! I feel like this summer has been one of changes for all around us. New beginnings, new babies and new friends have been in abundance! Trevor and I feel so lucky to love our jobs (I am now officially a substitute teacher!!), be so close to all of our family and have amazing friends that keep us laughing and enjoying life. We look forward to next summer which will be full of weddings and love! But, most of all I am looking forward to Fall and a first holiday season as husband and wife.

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