Monday, April 26, 2010

Roo. Swimming. News.

These are our latest happenings. Roo has been quite the handful-yes, she is just a puppy but I am beginning to think we have a 'Marlie' on our hands! Notice that she is sitting with the screen on her back....she charged through it! She likes to sleep on the patio furniture...dig holes in my just watered plants....and try to take showers with daddy. But oh how we love her!!!

We had our opening season pool party and BBQ yesterday and the kiddos sure enjoyed the heated pool! Rylan did great with her kicking and Gabe loves to throw in any toy, shoe or bottle of sunscreen he can find! "Ready... GOOOO!" All in all we are doing well around here. Only three weeks left of school and less than three months until our wedding. We couldn't be more excited!!! Well, I am sure I will be more excited a day before and even more after I say 'I Do' and become Mrs. Trevor Marks!!!!!!!!!

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