Monday, December 21, 2009


Another life has been taken from us but this time too soon. Annie McMann, a beloved family friend passed away on Saturday evening. She has been fighting Cancer and lost her battle. She is a beloved mother, wife, daughter and sister who will forever be missed. Annie lived a life full of helping 'lost souls' as her husband Peter wrote on her blog yesterday. Her sons are great friends of mine and it breaks my heart Annie will not get to see them be married and raise families in the ways she raised them.

I said to my brother "She died so young, she didn't get to live a full life." He responded that she did live a full life; she raised an amazing family, conquered her dreams and goals and will watch them continue on their journey's from heaven." RIP Annie.

These last few weeks have been rough with the loss of two much loved people; one who lived to 100 years old and the other who survived cancer to her early 50's. I am trying to learn from these two lives rather than be saddened. They lived full lives, cherished each day and loved the ones in their lives who may have been broken or lost. They never judged, only accepted. I hope I can live a life full of love and happiness; take bad in stride with the good and live everyday as if it could be my last; for you never know what life will hand you.

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