Wednesday, December 17, 2014

she's 3!

every time i write a milestone blog, usually about a new age, i scream HOW? how is this possible? how is she 3 already?! well, whether i like it or not, she is. and to be totally honest, i like it. i like how 3 feels. i like how 3 looks on her. she's perfect. she says the darndest things. she has a new haircut. she's grown so tall. she loves her brother. she throws fits. she growls when she's pissed. (it's kinda funny but i try real hard not to laugh).

at 3, mila:

can count to 13
can write the letter M…and try's to write the rest of her name
knows her shapes and colors
enjoys doing flash cards
loves to paint and do anything artistic
loves to explore outside
is an outstanding dancer
is potty trained!
loves her friends and to go to school
is the biggest helper; especially in the kitchen
has a very kind, sensitive heart
can scooter like crazy
is afraid of masks and spooky things
but loves the fastest rides
loves her daddy with all her heart
her "song" is all about the bass. yes, we let her listen to a song that says bitches. and is about an ass.

we went to disneyland to celebrate our little girls birthday. the faster the ride the better! it brought us immense joy to hear her squeal with delight and burst with laughter as the rides whipped around, up and down. on the way home she said "mom, i had the best time. thank you dad!" ugh. my heart officially melted one more time. like it does on the daily. she's the best.

oh, and she now calls us mom & dad. i beg her to call me mama and she adamantly says "no mom". 3 going on 13…..

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