Wednesday, May 21, 2014


we've had so much going on lately that i haven't even had time to pee! ok, i have peed. but i hardly get sleep, hardly have time to eat and when i do pee it's never alone. it's usually while holding a crying boy and making sure that the busy girl isn't going to burn the house down.

last weekend i went to Santa Barbara for an awesome girls trip. it was a beautiful house. even beautifuller weather (can you tell i watch too much Frozen?). and the time was spent with even better girls. we drank and ate too much. basked in the sun. drank and ate some more. played games (cards against humanity, anyone?!) it was a great weekend that made me even more tired than i already was but it was well worth it. can't wait for next year!

we are selling our house. yes, crazy news, i know. we bought our forever home and we cannot wait to get into it. it is currently being built! which is so exciting. next week we will be off to pick out finishes like floors and cabinets, counters and hardware. i can't wait!!!!! we are so fortunate to have bought our first home at the time we did. its been good to us and we hope the next family to live here will enjoy it as much as we have. the neighborhood is perfect, location couldn't be better and its really adorable.

both the kiddos are great. both growing like weeds. both sleeping well.

life is a whirlwind these days but i couldn't ask for a better one.

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