Tuesday, December 3, 2013


thanksgiving was a bit of a hectic time around the marks household. the saturday before i woke up with the worst breast infection ever. like probably ever recorded. i wanted to die. and did a lot of crying. after oral antibiotics didnt touch it, we ended up in the ER for most of sunday. i then had to get a major dose of IV antibiotics and head back to the ER every 12 hours for 4 more doses. that was at 5 AM and 5 PM. i am not a morning person and the evening was like the ER's rush hour. lame. that ended tuesday and then i had to cook a turkey and all the fixins. what. a. week.

we just got home from taking M to her first movie in the theater. it was so much fun! we almost made it thru the whole movie….if it hadn't been for 30 minutes of Disney previews i'm sure we would've made it! there are only 10 short weeks left before mr. duke arrives so we are trying to make as many memories as a family of three as we can.

lately: we went to avila valley barn to feed the goats, pick out a christmas tree and buy some goodies and guess who was there? SANTA! and boy was he scary. M immediately started to back pedal and when she sat on my lap she wouldn't even let her shoes touch his red suit. silly girl. 

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