Monday, November 11, 2013

boy hormones = b. i. t. c. h.

these baby boy hormones are making me a bitch. there is no other way to say it. no other way to state the obvious that i know everyone, especially my husband, is thinking.

im sitting here pinning, watching him sleep on the couch. and i want to scream and wake him up. or throw the toddler slipper sitting at my feet at him. but the toddler isn't awake which means that i have no one to blame. so the option is off the table. ugh. im ready for it to be february.

when i was pregnant with m, i was happy. happy hormones surging my veins 24/7. i wasn't weeping, i wasn't angry or short tempered. it was the sweet elation they tell you about. this time, not so much. don't get me wrong; i am happy most days. or until about 4:30 most days. that's when the toddler is hungry. that's when the boss is hungry. outside! dinna! outside! roosty bone! dinna! it's all i hear. and if it's sunday or a monday, i am the only one hearing it because its fantasy football. duh. it's monday. can you tell?

strangers are irritating.
my temper is short.
i cry.
a lot.
i have a billion things to do.
and feel like there is no help.
everyone's breath stinks.
except m's.
i don't want to be touched.

im ready for february to be here.

*i really love my husband. and i really love being pregnant. this one is just a whole new ballgame and challenging in all new ways. and i'm ready for february. did i mention that yet?

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